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Manoj Shrestha




Professional Background

I am currently the Managing Director/CEO of Travel House Group of Companies (consisting of Travel House Nepal, Travel House USA Pvt Ltd., Travel House Vacations Inc, Harati Properties LLC) and The Sewing Room. With over 26 years of experience in airlines and travel industry, I hold a high reputation among the travel trade and airlines community in Nepal and USA after starting my own company, Travel House Nepal. Travel House Nepal is now one of the largest Nepalese travel agencies in the US, serving Nepalese community from Washington, New York, Chicago, Denver and Kathmandu, Nepal.


My Passion For Travel

In my career, am thankful to have gotten the opportunities that were given to achieve my accomplishments, but my passion for travel is not limited to my profession. I have visited hundreds of nations and discovered new cultures, people and surroundings. As a lover of travel, I dedicate my life to reaching every nook of the world, raising global awareness and celebrating what the world has to offer. 


How I Got Started

I began my career in 1992, working for World Travels as a Tour and Travel Consultant for seven years. In 1999, I joined Zenith Group of Companies as a GSA Manager for Air Sahara, Sri Lankan Airlines, Dragon Air Hong Kong and Qatar Airways Holidays.

I was the first from Nepal to organize Familiarization Trip in Qatar Airways to promote Nepal destinations in the Middle East and Malaysian market, with the supervision of Joy Dewan, a legend of Tourism Industries in Nepal. I also successfully conducted Dragon Air Flights and Dragon Air Holidays in Nepal in 1999 and 2000.

I have participated in various travel marts, seminars, Travel Expo and conferences abroad, conducted by the Airlines and Travel Bureau. I have undergone training with different international airlines and GDS system on their reservation and pricing. I was humbly awarded by CEO of Srilankan Airlines and Air Sahara for his contribution in promoting them in Nepalese Market.


Other Business

Apart from Travel Business I invest in commercial properties through Harati Properties LLC, and now hold commercial and residential properties in Illinois, Colorado and Nepal.
Travel House Nepal
Travel House USA
Travel House USA
Travel House Vacations
Harati Properties
Harati Properties
The Sewing Room

Head Office:

1231 Farmington Lakes Dr

Oswego, IL 60543